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These range from travel grants to attend the BSH Annual Scientific Meeting; grants to attend international meetings; fellowships to support short-term study periods at international scientific or clinical centres; clinical fellows and PhD studentships and start-up grants for new haematological investigators.

All applications should be made online and emailed to


See reports, posters and photos from previous recipients of BSH grants.


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BSH General information on grants

Source: BSH

The BSH offers a range of scholarships for clinical and non-clinical professionals working in haematology.

Annual Scientific Meeting Scholarships for Haematology Professionals

Source: BSH

To support attendance at the British Society for Haematology Annual Scientific Meeting. Applications should be submitted by 1st March prior to each ASM. Please note that no retrospective claims will be considered.

BSH Travel Scholarships

Source: BSH

Travel Scholarships are to support attendance at international conferences, workshops, symposia or courses (including ASH), or travel within the UK. For attendance at the annual BSH conference, please see Annual Scientific Meeting Scholarships for Haematology Professionals (application deadline 1st March).

BSH Scientific Fellowships

Source: BSH

Applications are invited from younger members of the Society, recently appointed consultants and haematologists below Consultant level working in the United Kingdom for short-term visits to centres abroad in order to gain experience in a specialised field or to learn new research techniques or developments in haematology.

BSH Student Elective Scholarships

Source: BSH

The Society provides Student Scholarships with a maximum value of £600 to support UK-based undergraduates undertaking electives in the field of haematology.

BSH Early-Stage Research Start-up Grants

Source: BSH

A small number of start-up grants, of up to approximately £7000 each, are available each year to support consumable expenses for projects which will potentially lead to full grant proposals.

BSH Meeting Support

Source: BSH

Requests can be made to the BSH for support with running small, focused meetings. The maximum amount of support is £1000 and this must be repaid in whole or part if the meeting makes a profit.

Roger Counter Foundation / BSH Early-Stage Research Grant

Source: Roger Counter Foundation and BSH

A grant for lymphoma research, offering up to £15,000. Details inside. NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS.

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